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Irish Type Designers feature from a blog that i write for that is all about paper and all the wonderful things you can do with paper. Today’s post features Irish typographer Tomas Foley


As a writer, there are few things more beautiful to me than elegant letters on beautiful paper. Fonts used on the web are restricted to a small selection. So as much as I love the internet, the best place for typography is still out there in the real world – on paper or as signage. Ireland is not famous for its typographers, but that doesn’t mean they’re not out there.

type and fonts

Everyone has to choose fonts or typefaces at some point in their lives, yet we are taught very little about it in school or college, unless you specialise in a design area. Over the course of your life however, you’re going to need to pick appropriate fonts for something you need to print or email numerous times. I spend a lot of time choosing nice paper and fawn over the various colours and paper finishes available. But even a…

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Thanks for being sound – Murphy Cycles!

bike accessories

Sometimes people are more helpful and kind than they need to be. I think when a business is new or small or struggling, the people working there are more inclined to make efforts and compromises in order to make a sale, be it of their services or a product. One can be headstrong and not budge on anything but in the long run, my hope and belief is that it pays off to go the extra mile or offer that discount. Because word of mouth is important and so is creating a sense of loyalty with your customers or potential customers.

Recently I was looking for a birthday present for someone. I wanted to get him something lovely and cool for his amazing new bike. I made him a little customised hardback pocket size journal but I still needed something extra.

I found this bike shop‘s stuff on eBay. They had a beautiful little leather tool bag that I figured would do the trick and their customer service was so helpful and lovely. So I promised I would show my appreciation.

“…all of my Murphy products are designed & tested by me, this nice little bag although very special, is made in India, to another’s specification. Like our gloves & frames & parts, our products are made from steel, alloy, wool, cotton, & leather…simple traditional reliable & real. Practical economical proven style. Thanks for your interest”.

They plan to have an online bike accessories and parts store soon, it’s in the works so I’ll be keeping an eye out.  And any bike related needs or gifts, im going to them. Check their bike accessories here. And have a great day :)

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Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Recipe


These are yum and easy and the first thing i’ve written into my Old Book Hides Handbound Hardback Journal! 2013 is pretty good so far :)

3 eggs, well beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 cup butter
¾ cup white sugar
¾ cup brown sugar
2½ cups self raising or plain flour (depending on if you want them flat or pouffy)
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups of oatmeal (or porridge oats)
Chopped hazelnuts
Chocolate chips

1. Combine the eggs with the vanilla essence and set aside. If you wanna replace the chocolate chips and hazelnuts with raisins instead pop them in with the eggs and vanilla too.

2. Cream the butter and sugar together

3. Add in the flour and salt and mix it all together

4. Blend in the eggs, chopped hazelnuts and chocolate chips

5. Roll into balls and flatten slightly before popping in the oven

6. Bake at oven preheated to 180degrees celsius for 10-12 mins

7. Put on a rack to air out for a bit

8. Share with friends

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Dublin Coffee Culture – The Fumbally and Tamp & Stitch

Dublin coffee culture is changing. I’m an avid coffee lover and although i don’t know everything about it i know what i like and spent a bit of time in Australia working as a barista.

best coffee in dublin

I have two new favourite places for coffee in dublin. And i think they’re getting busier all the time so they probably don’t need me writing about them, but just in case you haven’t been yet.

The first is the Fumbally. Located near St patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin 8 (not as far from the city centre as it sounds) it’s the biggest surprise to walk into. On the outside it’s a run of the mill new apartment block type building. I walked and cycled past so many times before i ever went in. I always thought ‘Oh they picked out a great mix of tables and chairs’, but that’s as much of an impression as i had of it.

When you walk in you are greeted with wonderful wholesome food smells and the scent of fresh nicely made coffee. it’s warmer than it looks like it’s going to be and walking down the steps, as it’s kind of sunk into the ground, you feel wonderfully welcome. They’ve made it cosy without going over the top. It’s interesting without feeling pretentious and there’s lots of space and light and chair and table types to sink into something comfy or work away at a big table.

Tamp & Stitch Coffee Jewellery

My other new favourite is Tamp & Stitch. It’s located at Scarlet Row, Essex street west which is just around the corner from Cow’s lane – home of the great markets and the famous Queen of Tart’s. Paul who runs it makes some of the best coffee in Dublin and he’s passioante about the place. They sell clothes and jewellery too. The jewellery is freaking amazing. I do tend to run in, get coffee and leave quickly. But mostly because i’m scared i’ll buy too many things i can’t afford if i stay browsing! It’s so worth a trip in. Go out of your way to go there. Won’t regret it and excellent stuff for christmas gifts to boot.

young jewellery designers

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Gift Ideas for Men / Boyfriends / Husbands

gift ideas for men boyfriends husbands

If you’re on a small budget, always go with thoughtful. Spending lots of money is much too easy, showing the person you know them and you care and you’ve been listening is what’s more important.

I work with, so i am biased in suggesting this, but we sell great mens boots (among other things for great men) and we can help pick you out a pair for the right reasons.

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Arghghghrharg – Mr. Quinn – This is not ok.

I like paying taxes. I think it’s cool. It means every hour i work, something goes back into our country as a whole. Maybe a couple os less than productive rogues slip through the social welfare net and get more than they should but overall, i’m glad i pay taxes. In theory.

But i think this piece from the Irish Times is important to take note of. I’m happy to pay taxes for cool stuff like hospitals and roads and arts funding and social welfare. But this guy! THIS GUY! The cheek. The out and out cheek.

Read here –

So what do we do? Personally i’d quite like to get a say in what happens our assets that we own that he bought us with our money. Like a bold child robbing money out of his mam’s purse to buy sweets. Multiplied by €455 million. Therefore punishment also =  Naughty step multiplied by 455million.

It’s nothing to joke about but it’s a difficult situation to get my head around. As a non violent person.


The Stability / Fiscal Treaty – Vote Yes or Vote No?

When it comes to politics and voting i always feels like i missed the first half of whatever happened and as a result don’t have a notion what’s going on. And then there’s the language and terminology involved. I could be reading for a week.

I was compelled to begin research to help me decide by one poster in particular. It vaguely states ‘Secure Ireland’s future, vote yes.’ That got me right bothered because the statement you’d be voting yes to doesn’t mean anything. If there’s one thing i’m certain of it’s that the future is secured – it might be a bleak one, it might be a great one – but the future is undoubtedly, 100% going to happen.

Issues with vague statements aside. Here’s some info to help you decide:

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Things to Do in Dublin Tonight 8 May 2012


great stuff to do in dublin tonight may 8 2012

There is something very lovely and interesting going on in Dublin tonight. The MGM or monthly general meeting, curated by Nial Conlon and Shane Langan, has been running for a few months. I’ve been to them all i think and each time it’s such a unique experience that i can’t miss the next one.

The thing about it that doesn’t change (so far anyways) is the atmosphere. It feels like home though i can’t put my finger on why. It is just quiet, new or small enough to feel like you’re part of something that great things may spring out of and it’s open enough to have no pretentiousness about it. It feels like the little beating heart of something bigger and innately good. And you feel good for touching base with it. Like checking you still have a pulse. Quiet, gentle and humble but very important for your wellbeing.

I had a massive dilemma about whether to write about it or not. I kind of like it the way it is and fear that telling too many people about it may result in it’s destruction or change. Then I realised i am not in primary school anymore and this is a silly way to think. I think you should go. Bring an attitude of respect and niceness. I will try to also. I was a bit disruptive during the poetry last month – apologies. In hindsight i would have put me in the dána corner.

To find out more follow them on Twitter – @MonthlyGM or just turn up at the Legal Eagle tonight at 8pm. It’s free.

Have a good week,


monthly general meeting, things to do in dublin

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