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Thanks for being sound – Murphy Cycles!

bike accessories

Sometimes people are more helpful and kind than they need to be. I think when a business is new or small or struggling, the people working there are more inclined to make efforts and compromises in order to make a sale, be it of their services or a product. One can be headstrong and not budge on anything but in the long run, my hope and belief is that it pays off to go the extra mile or offer that discount. Because word of mouth is important and so is creating a sense of loyalty with your customers or potential customers.

Recently I was looking for a birthday present for someone. I wanted to get him something lovely and cool for his amazing new bike. I made him a little customised hardback pocket size journal but I still needed something extra.

I found this bike shop‘s stuff on eBay. They had a beautiful little leather tool bag that I figured would do the trick and their customer service was so helpful and lovely. So I promised I would show my appreciation.

“…all of my Murphy products are designed & tested by me, this nice little bag although very special, is made in India, to another’s specification. Like our gloves & frames & parts, our products are made from steel, alloy, wool, cotton, & leather…simple traditional reliable & real. Practical economical proven style. Thanks for your interest”.

They plan to have an online bike accessories and parts store soon, it’s in the works so I’ll be keeping an eye out.  And any bike related needs or gifts, im going to them. Check their bike accessories here. And have a great day :)

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If You Want to Be Happy – Avoid Gardening

Gardening Tips for The Bitter Inexperienced Gardner - image of sprout in plant pot

I’ve started spending a lot of time in the garden and hanging around the little pots of tiny plants in the kitchen. And there’s a few things i’ve learned. When you meet nice ladies who love gardening and they’re all calm and happy and sweet? It’s not because they spend time with nature, it’s because they’re so glad to be having a tiny break from it for five seconds and talking to a human for the first time in what could be months.

1. Gardening is like watching paint dry in slow motion

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Something Different to Do in Dublin / Nature Activity Idea for Kids

Things to do in dublin - visit the bird garden. photo of birdhouse in cherry blossom tree with blossoms

Walking home from work recently i spotted the sign below, peeping up from behind a high wall on Mount Brown Road in Kilmainham. A bird garden. I’d never heard of such a thing but it seemed like such a great idea. I find it a treat to catch any little glimpse of nature in the middle of a city. Especially something as unexpected as a bird garden!

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Random Day Trip / Things to Do / Surf & Coffee / Tramore Secrets

Things to do waterford, ireland,

Tramore has a reputation for being tacky and rundown. I love the tack. Those flaking neon rusting paints may look crap in the summer but in the lonely, cold, rainy greys of winter the flashing slot machine lights and folded up rollercoasters look like magic hibernating. Still with a pulse, but not making noise for a while. A sleeping beast.

In recent years Tramore has also become somewhat magic when it comes to coffee too.

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how to: make a bicycle coffee cup-holder

Cycling to work in Dublin is great. The only tough thing about getting to work by bike, is that, unlike buses or trams or walking, it never really allowed one to drink coffee on the way. I’m happy to say i managed to sort this out.

how to make a bicycle coffee cup-holder

NB. Step 1: The coffee cup-holder should not be stuck to a woman’s fallopian tubes, that is the front view of bicycle handlebars.

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Surfing in Ireland Now Comes With an Online Resource

two views of sea & Me – Guest Post by Liam Sinnott*

My name is Liam Sinnott I’m 29 years old and I’m a bricklayer from Tramore. I have been surfing in Tramore since I was 11 years old. I left school at the age of 16 after my junior cert because back then all I was interested in was being on the beach surfing. So I got an apprenticeship in bricklaying and loved having money to spend on new gear for my hobby. Back in those days there was only a small number of people surfing in Tramore but now the surfing industry has exploded in Ireland and there are lots of people of all ages taking up the sport.

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