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Thanks for being sound – Murphy Cycles!

bike accessories

Sometimes people are more helpful and kind than they need to be. I think when a business is new or small or struggling, the people working there are more inclined to make efforts and compromises in order to make a sale, be it of their services or a product. One can be headstrong and not budge on anything but in the long run, my hope and belief is that it pays off to go the extra mile or offer that discount. Because word of mouth is important and so is creating a sense of loyalty with your customers or potential customers.

Recently I was looking for a birthday present for someone. I wanted to get him something lovely and cool for his amazing new bike. I made him a little customised hardback pocket size journal but I still needed something extra.

I found this bike shop‘s stuff on eBay. They had a beautiful little leather tool bag that I figured would do the trick and their customer service was so helpful and lovely. So I promised I would show my appreciation.

“…all of my Murphy products are designed & tested by me, this nice little bag although very special, is made in India, to another’s specification. Like our gloves & frames & parts, our products are made from steel, alloy, wool, cotton, & leather…simple traditional reliable & real. Practical economical proven style. Thanks for your interest”.

They plan to have an online bike accessories and parts store soon, it’s in the works so I’ll be keeping an eye out.  And any bike related needs or gifts, im going to them. Check their bike accessories here. And have a great day :)

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Monday Morning Fashion Meets Festival Daydreaming

So on my adventures through Asian, Indian and Vintage online stores to see what they’ve got that our high street stores haven’t, i found some deadly stuff. Bought some and the rest i’m just gonna pop on here in case someone else can get the joy outta them. I will never claim to know anything about fashion, but stuff that makes me go “oooohh”, is possibly worth sharing. Go get yo-self some bargain on. And have a good week. Links to the products are below the image.


Amazing Blazer -$35

Amazing Turquoise Blazer

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Instagram For Android – Thankin’ You

instagram for android photobooth

Follow me so that i can follow you :) you’ll find me as ‘elvacarri’ and i’m very much looking forward to seeing your pictures!

You can get it here

I also like Vignette as a photo tool for android if you don’t feel like getting all social media about it.

Bon phototaking.

x elva

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Sequin Stalking & Vintage Fashion Ireland

shutterbug style at set, kilkenny, langtons, sequin top

Facebook opened up a world of stalking possibilities  since the very beginning. And let’s be honest it was fun until that night you realised it was 3am and you were looking through a whole album of photos of some girl you’ve never met before, wondering where the hell she got that amazing dress.

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